Why use blockchain?

Whenever, or wherever, we discuss blockchain technology the obvious question pops up. Why should we use a blockchain? Especially debating the pros and cons with fellow developers and database admins there seem to be many more use cases for traditional[…]

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Sneak peek at C# 8

Mads Torgersen demonstrated the first four features for C# 8 in a recent Channel 9 video. C# 7 was shipped in March 2017 and version 7.1 was released in August 2017. The three languages features that were introduced in 7.1[…]

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.NET Core 2.0 released

Together with ASP.NET Core 2.0 and Entity Framework Core 2.0 Microsoft released .NET Core 2.0 on August 14, 2017. Read the ASP.NET Core 2.0 and the Entity Framework Core 2.0 announcements for details. You can also watch the launch video on Channel 9 to see[…]

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