OMG, yet another VB.NET versus C# article

by Sander Gerz June 02, 2005 11:32

Not another C# versus VB article, says the author. And yet, it is. Although not the technical comparison, but as it turns out a, let's say, cultural comparison that deals mostly with the developers using either language. While a nice article to begin with, explaining the history of both languages, the role Java played in the construction of C#, its creators, the result is pure VB bashing.

Take some of these quotes:

  • “ 80% of VB programmers are not good“
  • “the average C# programmer is a better programmer than the average VB programmer“
  • “Most VB teams have trouble writing high quality code“
  • “An organization with an exceptional VB team should switch to C#. “

I cannot begin to discuss each of the arguments Nigel Shaw, the author, makes, because most of the article lacks any ground for his reasoning.



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