YAP on CodeZone

by Sander Gerz March 31, 2005 08:43

Did Microsoft really announce CodeZone? I did not see any indication here, it's not here, and couldn't find it here. But by now, a lot of people know about it. Hey, how's that for marketing? Appearantly, it was announced by INETA. But I can't seem to find the announcement there either.

Some people have a particular and strong opinion, like Hannes P, Frans B and Jeff P.  

People talk about kingdoms, fragmentation  and communities created by the marketing departement. That won't work. Like Frans says, a community must grow, it cannot be created. But before something grows, a small seed has to be planted. It needs to be nutured, cared for and some seeds will grow into a beautiful flower, others will become a cactus. Anyone with a little marketing background knows about the boston consultancy group matrix. So I welcome this CodeZone initiative. Will it be successful? Who knows, but if you don't plant seeds, you will surely not have any flowers in the future.

Still, a problem remains, what do we do with all the cacti still out there?

(BTW YAP=Yet Another Post)

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